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About Us

The one-stop-shop for all your pet’s needs is finally here! Want to get in touch with someone to look after your pet over the weekend? Or are you looking to get your pet some cute accessories? 

From making your pet feel comfortable to making your pet look their best, we at Dogily offer it all. With an entire team focused on offering an exceptional experience for your pet, we prioritize your pet’s health and wellness the most. 

Not just that, we also offer a variety of services like booking and fixing appointments at veterinary clinics, shopping essentials for your pet, grooming your pets, arranging friendly dog walkers, pet boarding facilities, emergency services (which includes booking/arranging an ambulance), finding pet friendly cafes, booking Taxis/Autos (you can’t have the O’s and U’s cancel on you all the time), Pet Sitting, Fish tank cleaning services and cremations. 

With Dogily on your phone, your pets' needs are accessible with just a click of a button! Also, you should know that your pet is safe with us. We are a team of animal lovers and we look forward to providing the best service for your pets, ‘cause we know your little one means the WORLD to you!