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Return Policy

Cancellations by Vendors

If at a given point in time, a Vendors you have appointed has canceled (this could be prior or during the service period) due to reasons, Dogily will refund the amount that has been paid to the Vendors by the Pet Owner (this applies to for service that hasn’t been provided by the Vendors). In addition, if service charges have been paid to Dogily, then this amount will be refunded. We take the Vendors cancellations very seriously. This means that, if you are a Vendor and have canceled a booking, then our team (Dogily) will review your account and if we happen to deem it inappropriate, this will result in suspension and termination of your access to your Dogily account. 

Reservation Protection

Dogily Pet Services will do everything possible to find a new replacement when a booking is cancelled by the Vendors, nearing the start date of the booking that has been made. However, the availability of finding Reservation Protection depends on factors like when the booking was cancelled and the type of pet care that is needed. If and when the Pet Owner accepts a new booking and has found a replacement, new charges will be applied and discussed by Dogily. However, if the Vendors have cancelled a booking because of the Pet Owners' inaccurate pieces of information or even aggressive behaviour towards the Vendors and the team, then the Pet Owner is solely responsible for the costs of any new reservation. 

Cancellations by Pet Owner. 

If and when a Pet Owner happens to cancel a booking before or during the service period specified in the booking, Dogily Pet Services will refund the amount in accordance with the policy (Cancellation Policy) selected by the Vendors on Dogily.